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Photos of Recent Events

Photos courtesy of Phil Zollner

Conjunction of the Pleiades, Hyades, Jupiter & Venus on July 22, 2012

conjunction of the Pleiades, Hyades, Jupiter & Venus on July 22nd
MidAtlantic Conf 05/2012
Astronomy Day 2012 1
Astronomy Day 2

Astronomy Day 2011 - April 30, 2011 at OCC
(Photos courtesy of Tom McNulty)

Astronomy Day 2010 Image 1
Sky Chart Sky Stories
Kids View Rocks
Solar System Make a Comet
Comet Telescope Talk 1
Telescope Talk 2 Truss 1
Truss 2 Binos
ISS point Alien
Photos courtesy of Ed Mullen Sr.
Ed image 1 Ed Image 2
Ed Image 3 Ed Image 6
Ed Image 5 Ed Image 6
  • To view more photos of Astronomy Day 2011, click here.

  • For a video of some of the presentations, click here.

Presentation at Hugh J. Boyd elementary school 2nd Grade - 06/03/2011

Hugh Boyd 2nd grade show

John Endreson gave an astronomy presentation for 2nd graders at the Hugh J. Boyd elementary school on June 3, 2011. The presentation included discussing and explaining the differences between the Universe, the Galaxies, and our Solar System, how the Sun and the planets formed from a Nebula, naming all the planets and answering questions about each one. He discussed the outer solar system objects, Asteroids and Comets, made a comet in the classroom, talked about the Sun, Sun Spots and Solar Flares then brought the class outside and they all viewed the Sun through special solar glasses and a solar telescope. He talked about how the early Earth formed and how Comets may have brought water and other ingredients for life to the earth. Click here to see all 37 photos of the event.

Dr. Zimmerman Memorials

ASTRA Members Photo Collections

Coyle Field, 1-3-2009
(photos by John Endreson)
Allen 's 16" Dob project.
Assorted  photos by Jack Buckley Some more photos by John Endreson
Photos from the Charles Meyer telescope workshop. A photo of Gene Russo taken by his grandson Joey.
Photos by Ro Spedaliare Photos by Phil Zollner
Photos of Mike Kozic's Inlet/Outlet Observatory Photos of the Sun by Mike Kozic taken March 27, 2010

Event Photos

Astronomy Day 2010
(photos of the activities)
Spring Star Watch
March 20, 2010
Wild Birds Unlimited Store Star Party
March 19, 2010
2009 Telescope Workshop
(photos coutesy of Allen Malsbury)
Wells Mills Star Party 2008
(photos by John Endreson)
Cloverdale Farms 2008
(photos by John Endreson)
Island Heights Star Party 2008
(photos by John Endreson)
Berkeley Pride Day 2008
(photos by John Endreson)
Berkeley Pride Day 2007
(photos by John Endreson)
Astronomy Day 2007
(Contributed by J. Randolph Walton;
Photos compliments of Phil Zollner)
Perseid Picnic 2004
(Photos Courtesy of Rich Brady)
Venus Transit 2004
(Photos courtesy Paul Gitto and Sarah Waters)
Astronomy Day 2004
(Photos courtesy of John Endreson)
Perseid Picnic 2003
(Photos courtsey of Gene Russo)
Astronomy Day 2003
(Photos courtesy of Rich Morgan, Gene Russo & Paul Gitto)
Whitesbog Star Party 2002
(Photos courtesy Gene Russo)
Astronomy Day 2002
(Photos courtesy Rich Brady)

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